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R=recording     M=Mixing    P=Production


Selected Discography




Origin--Omnipresent (Nuclear Blast) RM



X-Raided--Psychoactive 2 (Blocstar) M

Brotha Lynch Hung--Mannibalector (Strange Music) RM

Krizz Kaliko--Son Of Sam (Strange Music) RM

Prozak-We All Fall Down (Strange Music) RM



Krizz Kaliko--Neh'Mind (Strange Music) RM

Prozak--Paranormal (Strange Music) P

Black Oxygen--The American Dream (Independent) R,M



Big Scoob—Damn Fool (Strange Music) R,M

Brotha Lynch Hung—The Coathanga Strangla (Strange Music) R

Origin—Entity (Nuclear Blast) P,R,M



Krizz Kaliko—Shock Treatment (Strange Music) R,M

Kutt Calhoun—Raw & Unkutt (Strange Music) R,M

Tech N9NE Collabos—Gates Mixed Plate (Strange Music) R,M

Brotha Lynch Hung—Dinner And A Movie (Strange Music) R,M

Cognito—Automatic (Strange Music) R,M

Killa C—Bound In Chains (Dirty Thug) R,M



Tech N9NE—K.O.D. (Strange Music) P,R,M

Big Scoob—Monsterifik (Strange Music) P,R,M

Krizz Kaliko—Genius (Strange Music) R,M

Paul Wall—The Fast Life (Swishahouse) R, M

Tech N9NE Collabos—Sickology 101 (Strange Music) R,M



Kutt Calhoun—Feature Presentation (Strange Music) R, M

Skatterman & Snug Brim—Word On Tha Streets (Strange Music) P, R, M

Tech N9NE—Killer (Strange Music) P, R, M

Prozak—Tales From The Sick (Strange Music) P, R, M

Grave Plott—The Plott Thickens (Strange Music) P, R, M

Krizz Kaliko—Vitiligo (Strange Music) R, M

Origin—Antithesis (Relapse) P, R, M

It’s Over!—That Girl (Iron Paw) R



Critical Bill—Downtown The World (SMC Records) R, M

Kottonmouth Kings—Cloud Nine (Suburban Noize) P

Tech N9NE Collabos—Misery Loves Company (Strange Music) P, R, M

The Leo Project—The Burning (Independent) P, R, M



Tech N9NE--Everready the Religion (Strange Music) P, R, M

Insane Clown Posse—The WraitRemixes (Psychopathic) M

DeWayne Woods—Introducing DeWayne Woods & When Singers Meet (Verity) R



Tech N9NE—Vintage Tech (Strange Music) P, R, M

Origin—Echos Of Decimation (Relapse) P, R, M

Empire—Crowned (Savage) R, M

Killa C—Tainted Flesh (Dirty Thug) P, R, M



Jumbo’s Killcrane—Slow Decay (Crucial Blast) R, M

Kutt Calhoun—B.L.E.V.E. (Strange Music) P, R, M

Skatterman & Snug Brim—Urban Lgendz (Strange Music) P, R, M



Beef –Original Soundtrack (MSC Entertainment) R, M

Pomeroy—Identity (The Sound Farm) R, M



Tech N9NE—Absolute Power (Strange Music) P, R, M



Tech N9NE—Anghellic (Strange Music) R


Other Titles


57th Street Rogue Dog Villians--Roguish Ways (Hogstyle)

8 Degrees--Swam the Waters  

Chris Accardo—Pardon The Invasion

Ad Astra--Celtic Visions

Ad Astra Per Aspera--Cubic Zirconia

Angrius--Lightning Quick Demise*not all songs

B Double E--The Quan

Back Porch Mary--Gather (Gemini 21)

Below Zero--Beginning Of Forever (70 Mile)

Billy Goat--Live At the Swinger's Ball (Flying Fetus)

Bizzy aka Pedro Biz Juanjulio--What the Fuck Is a Hater?

Bizzy aka Pedro Biz Juanjulio--Gametime

Black Oxygen--The American Dream

The Blackwater--Train,Man,Drunk (Blopop) *mixing only

The Blackwater--Whores (Blopop)

Blind Fly--Drop

Blue 88--Classified Information

Blue 88--Self Titled

Blue 88--Paying Dues

The Brannock Device--Where the Hell Is Johnny Vic? (Phantom Limb)

Brian Brooks--Floating, Flying, Falling  *mixing only

Darren Brown--Non-Fiction

Willam S. Burroughs--Naked Lunch (Warner)*editing

Busolley--Onion Bun

Cousin Gabriel--Eyesore and Isolation

Crash The Car—Self-Titled

Cruse--This*some songs

Danger Bob--Le Pop Shoppe (Maine Records)*not all songs

The Differents--Self-titled

Dogwater--Bone To Pick

The Domestics--We're Not Imported

The Domestics--International Sugar Heroes

The Domestics--Disturbance

Drek--Drek Happens

Effigy--We Gave It A Try

Effigy--A Dozen Roses (Syde-Sho)

Einstein Electric--The Cosmic Imperative (Sundrop)

End Ever—Fruitation Of The Maggot

Exit 159--A Song For Every Mood (Don't Touch Me)

Eye Theory--Vagrant Flock

Five To Midnight--It's Time

Five To Midnight--Five To Midnight

Flip Ya Wig Compilation--Compilation (Flip Ya Wig)

For The Broken--Self-titled

Gee Watts-199x (tracking)

Rich Gibson--Ozark Anthology

Grandeur--Self-Titled (Purge)

Christopher Grundy--Here In Prividence (Hand and Soil)

The Hardaways--Born Dead*mastering

The Hardaways--Lonely Son of a Good Mother*helped w/ engineering

House Jumpers--Sure-Footed-Baby



The Incredible--Too Much Information

Iron Guts Kelly--Self-titled(PU)

Joey Curtin--The Electric Christmas

Joey Curtin--Blossom

Joey Curtin--Tigris and Euphrates

Jumbo's Killcrane--Scratch

Jumbo's Killcrane--The Slow Decay (Crucial Blast)

The Keepers--Slow Delivery


Jim Krause--Going Up the Missouri (Old Shanty)

Loaded in Lawrence 1993 (Mercy)**some songs

Loaded in Lawrence 1994 (Mercy)**some songs

Loaded in Lawrence 1995 (Mercy)**some songs

Lonnie Ray--Live At BB's

Kimberly Lord--Happy

Kimberly Lord--Welcome Child, A Celebration of Christmas

Kathryn Lorenzen--Ruined By Fame

Lowlife--LoveHateFear (Mercy)

Pedro Bizz Juanjulio--Count Me In (FBS)

Planet B--self-titled (Illjoint)

Roberto Magris--Morgan Rewind Volume 2 (mixing)

Rachelle Malin--Famous Girl Detective

The Manhattan Project--Self titled

The Mediums--Self-titled

MilesOnEnd--When Fiction Fails (Suckapunch)

Andrew Morgan--Misadventures In Radiology*tracking only

Nothing To Gain--In Your Face

O'Phil--Freako Suave

O'Phil--Zipperless Devils

Origin--A Coming Into Existence


Pomeroy--Inside the Shine

The Poolboys--Storehouse Full

The Popper--I Do Remix Album (Flip Ya Wig)*some songs

The Popper--I Do Single (Flip Ya Wig)

Puddle--As Seen On TV (Juice Tube)

Puddle Of Mudd—Abrasive (Phatt Phunk Records)

The Rayguns--Talentless Fools (Tomato-head)

Stephen Rew and Decided--Come Home

Room Full Of Walters--Sleepyhead (Word)

Room Full Of Walters--The Legend Of Room Full Of Walters (Mercy)

Room Full Of Walters--El Grande (Planet)


Ruskabank--This Took Some Time

Salty Iguanas--Gut Bucket (Mercy)

Salty Iguanas--Emerald City (Contagious Variety)

The Sodomites--Copulation Of the Nation

Sometimes Three—All Eyes

Sometimes Three—Pardon The Invasion

Soulminer--Only A Prayer Away

Soundescape--Self-titled (Aesthetic)

Spine Thieves-The Great Steal

Stephen Rew and Decided--Come Home

Sunshine Family--Windbreaker

Superstar--The Beginnings


TV Fifty--Christopher's Rocket (Don't Touch Me)

Ulu--Hotele (Pipe the Mike)

Underhill--This Is Not the Way It Should Be (Rhombus)

Unwritten Rulz--Life Of The Party

Unwritten Rulz--Filter Thru the Static

Vaginal Discharge--Froth

Various Artists--BEEF, Soundtrack (Strange, MSC)

Various Artists--Cough It Up, the Hairball Story*some songs

Various Artists--Straight To Hell, A Tribute To G.G. Allen*one song

Various Artists--Thug Angel, Life of An Outlaw (Image)*some songs

Various Artists—Heavy Frequency Compilation


Virginia Keen--Little Easy Chair (Old Guy)

Walking On Einstein--Commoners Among the Masses (Mercy)

Tanner Walle--It Was

Yachad--the traveling tefillah band

The Zippo Moment--Self-titled (Siren Lure)





I have been a musician since the age of 6 and a professional producer/engineer for over 20 years.  I have a Specialized Associate Degree in Recording Engineering from Full Sail Center For the Recording Arts.  My main instruments are guitar and voice, but I can play drums, bass, and keyboards well enough to program.  I have created music for many artists and jingles throughout the years.


I have produced and/or engineered hundreds of album projects for artists such as:  Tech N9NE (over 1 million sold), Krizz Kaliko, Origin, Brotha Lynch Hung, The Leo Project, Billy Goat, Ruskabank, William S. Burroughs, DeWayne Woods, and Rubber. Many of these albums have charted on both the Billboard Top 200 and Independent Album charts.


I have mixed songs containing performances from artists such as:  Ice Cube, Three 6 Mafia, Snoop Dogg, E-40, Twista, Cypress Hill, Insane Clown Posse, Juvenile, and Scarface.  I have written music and/or jingles for companies such as Universal Pictures (for the Motion Picture Alpha Dog),Hallmark, FedEx, John Deere, and Mr. Goodcents.


I have produced and/or engineered sessions for companies such as HBO, Hallmark, HNTB, Avila University, Service Management Group, Helzberg Diamonds, Kansas City Comets, Random House Publishing, and The Grass Pad.

Album Discography