Robert Rebeck
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technical questions
recent projects
If you would like to book time with me, call Neil Simpson at Chapman Recording at (913) 894-6854
. I am the Chief Music Engineer at Chapman and this is where I do all of my recording/mixing work, unless special arrangements are made. You can also vist the Chapman website at http://www.chapmanrecording.com for more info.

If you would like me to mix your album, call Neil at the studio as well. Please expect 2-8hrs per song mixing depending on the quality of the tracks and the level of quality/budget that you are going for. I can work very fast, but there won't be many effects/extras in the mix. For the "major label" sound, expect to use 5-8hrs per song mixing. Remember you get what you pay for.

If you are a singer or rapper and would like me to produce music for you or buy beats from me, please contact me at rrebeck@hotmail.com Pricing is on a project by project basis. It really just depends on how much time it will take and if the music is custom made for you.