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Technical Questions
If you are sending files to me here is how to format them:
  1. I work in ProTools HD.  So if you have Protools sessions you are already compatible. 
  2. If you are not working in ProTools, please render each track without processing from the same starting point.  This is so they can easily be dropped into ProTools and lined up.
  3. I prefer 24bit,44.1kHz resolution.  If your project is already at a different bit depth/sample rate do not change it.  That is something I would rather do myself.  I cannotwork with 32bit files.
  4. If you are sending Protools sessions, do not render the edits.  Or if you do, do it in a new playlist so the original is still there just in case.  Also, I may not have all of your plugins.  So if there is a very effected sound done by a plugin that you are in love with, please bounce it or render it but also leave the original in the session.
  5. Please send the files on DVD-R or a Mac formatted hard drive.  Arrangements can also be made to send files electronically, depending on the size/number of songs.
  6. If you have permissions/locking on the files, please turn it off.
Bands preparing for the studio with me:
  1. Please have new strings/fresh heads on your instruments. 
  2. Broken cymbals sound like broken cymbals.
  3. Drummers please consider using the studio kit.  It sounds good.  However; please still bring your cymbals and stands if you do.  We have some, but not a bunch.
  4. Bass players; yes bring your rig.  We may not end up using it, but I want it there so we have the option.
  5. Guitar players; also bring your rig even if you think we won't use it.
  6. Chapman has a grand piano, a Hammond B3, and some different guitar amps at your disposal.  Please visit http://www.chapmanrecording.com for more info on what's available. 
  7. Any other quiestions you can email me at rrebeck@hotmail.com