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When I was 6 years old, my best friend and I used to play with my parentsí tape recorder.  Thatís how it all started.  Thatís how I got into recording.  Thatís how I got into music.   Music was my dream.  I was going to be a rockstar, or so I thought.  I became a recording engineer and the dream took a backseat to paying the bills and just trying to keep up. 


Years later I came to a realization.  The happiest music ever made me was when I was young and did it just for fun, when it wasnít my job.  I came up with a new dream.  I wanted to make an album utilizing binaural recording combined with conventional recording.  But I wanted to do it just for fun.  And in the process of exploring this dream, my world changed and so did my priorities.  I became a family man and a father, and now that is what brings me happiness.


Welcome to Dreamer. This is my heart in music, and I did it just for fun and the joy of creation.  It was never intended to be a commercial album or to be played on the radio.  It was meant to be a way to find that part of myself I had lost so long ago.  It was my adult version of playing with the tape recorder all over again.


I am putting this up here for free download because I want to share it with people.  If you like it, donate and help me make more music like this.  If not, no harm no foulÖ..I still had fun 




***Binaural recording is a method which, when listened to with headphones, allows the listener to hear directional and spacial information  not present in conventional recording.  It truly "puts you there". 

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Robert Rebeck--Dreamer Tracklisting TRT 66:09


1.  How It All Started (1:34)

2.  Free (4:33)

3.     Highway 24 (3:47)

4.  4:44 (2:35)

5.  Mutation (7:20)

6.  Bridges (2:08)

7.  Reawaken (3:34)

8. Drinkiní Again (:52)

9.  I Give Myself To You (3:38)

10.  You Can Count On Me (3:25)

11.  Over The Edge (4:05)

12. I Feel Like I Wanna Die (4:49)

13.  I Donít Want To Add Any More Stress To Your Life (4:44)

14.  At The Studio (:53)

15. Walk Away (2:58)

16.  Fail (3:08)

17.  What If? (2:37)

18.  Passages (1:47)

19.  Sun In Her Window (2:06)

20. The Dream (3:13)

21.  Happiness (2:14)



Produced and Recorded By Robert Rebeck


All songs written by Robert Rebeck except #15 (Rebeck/Kilcullen)

And #21(Rebeck/Brahms)


All music performed by Robert Rebeck except:


#4 Paul Matthews-drums, Sebastian Alfie-guitar

#7 Go-Go Ray Pollard-drums

#10 Intro-SMNW percussion ensemble

#20 Ken Lovern-organ


All music ©2013 Funktasia Music






Click the "BUY NOW" link and enter $0 to download for FREE.  Or donate if you would like to.  Simply download the files and burn a CD with no space in between the tracks.  Or arrange them in whatever player you are using to be played with no space in between the tracks.  Make sure you put them in the order below.   There is a PDF file of the album artwork which can be printed, cut out, and used in a CD case.  You MUST LISTEN WITH HEADPHONES  to hear the binaural effect.   If you like what you hear please donate so I can make more recordings.
Download a PDF of the album artwork alone here
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