I work in ProTools. If you would like to have me mix your song, you need to send me one of 2 things:

  1. A full ProTools Session of the song. This should be a folder that includes the session file, a Fade Files folder, and an Audio Files folder. The session file does not contain the audio files.
  2. If you are not using ProTools, send me a folder containing all audio files rendered from the beginning of the session. Remove all processing unless there is something very specific that you would like to keep in the song i.e. distorted vocals.


Files should be completed mixes, preferably 24 bit and at least 44.1kHz sampling rate. .AIFF and .WAV are fine. The mixes should not have any “brick wall” limiting on them, and should have a few dB of headroom to work with.

Files can be sent via Wetransfer, Google Drive, Dropbox, or whatever you are comfortable with. When sending multiple files, please “zip” the files into one file.

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